ghost . porcelain vases

ghost . porcelain vases

hand crafted porcelain vases glazed on the inside, partially unglazed on the outside. each vase features a different structure created from real vintage laces. available in various heights and styles.

each piece is one of a kind!


vintage lace is dipped into porcelain cream of clay + then applied to the leather hard vases. when lighted the yarn of the lace burns without residue - leaving only the porcelain casting behind. each piece becomes one of a kind, reflecting and conserving the uniqueness of the antique lace for ever.

Measurements and Price

(incl. 20% VAT)

  • SMALL: h approx. 14cm  € 88.–
  • MEDIUM: h approx. 23cm  € 155.–
  • LARGE: h approx. 31cm  € 165.–
  • X-LARGE: h approx. 55cm  € 185.–
  • PEARL: h approx. 32cm  € 135.–
  • FLOWER POT: h approx. 20cm  € 155.–

photos: robert marksteiner / hanna haböck