OUR LiTTLE FRiENDS | jars . serving platters

OUR LiTTLE FRiENDS | jars . serving platters

porcelain jars and platters decorated with sweet animal figurines in different sizes.

the lid and inside of the container is glazed, the outsides and figurines are unglazed/matte.

the containers are available in three different sizes (small is not shown) and are perfect for sweets, candy or in your bathroom.

the serving platters are available in two different sizes.


  • PiNGUiN
  • CAT
  • RABBiT
  • iCE BEAR


    all items are entirely handmade from Limoges porcelain, glazed on the inside and polished | matte (unglazed) on the outside.

measurements & prices

  • JAR . SMALL dia 8 x h 11,5cm EUR 90,--
  • JAR . MEDIUM dia 11,5 x h 18cm EUR 140,--
  • JAR . LARGE dia 15 x h 17,5cm EUR 150,--
  • SERViNGPLATTER . MEDIUM dia 22,5cm EUR 130,--
  • SERViNGPLATTER . LARGE dia 31,5cm EUR 150,--