RAW . drinks

RAW . drinks

is a new tableware range entirely made of recycled porcelain casting slip. all items are glazed transparently on the inside,unglazed/polished on the outside. each product is absolutely dishwasher and microwave safe.

we are recycling 8 differently dyed porcelain slips, which leads to non predictable beautiful new colours.each colourbatch is absolutely unique and non repeatable.the colour range varies from grey, blue, green to beautiful rosé  and pink shades.

each product is stamped while still in the mold by a badge which shows year and month of the making.each item is absolutely unique.is a modern, sustainable tableware range which perfectly covers the recycling ideain every day use.


  • caraffe
  • mokka cup .
  • beaker SMALL .
  • beaKer REGULAR .

measurements and price

(incl. 20% VAT)

  • caraffe: h 260mm €98,--
  • mokka cup: 55x70mm  €22,--
  • beaker small:  60x75mm €35,--
  • becher regular: 85x80mm €38,--


photos: robert marksteiner