MOONSTRUCK . light object

MOONSTRUCK . glow sphere

porcelain spheres perforated by hand, glazed
25W/40W light bulb, electrical cable

"moonstruck" glow spheres are cast from porcelain and perforated in still leather hard form. each single hole is drilled by hand. stencils are not used for patterns, each piece is a little bit different - each one of a kind.

when using a clear light bulb, the floral pattern is clearly visible on walls and ceilings - if this effect is not desired, a soft light bulb may be used.


  • flowers
  • holes 

Measurement and Price

(incl. 20% VAT)

  • SMALL: dm approx. 18cm  € 210.–
  • MEDIUM: dm approx.24cm  € 270–
  • LARGE: dm approx. 28cm  € 360–

photos: simone andress and feinedinge*