CUT BLUE | tableware

CUT BLUE | tableware

is a dining or breakfast set handmade from finest limoges porcelain. the cobalt blue pattern results from random pouring the liquid cobalt oxide.

each product has a different, unique pattern - featuring a beautiful contemporary, natural pattern.





the cobalt pattern is glazed transparently and fired at 1255°C. all items are dishwasher and microwave safe and absolutely suitable for every day use.

all insides are glazed transparently, the outsides are unglazed and polished (bisquit porcelain)

measurements & prices

  • PLATE LARGE 27,5cm €56,-
  • PLATE MEDIUM 21,5cm €46,-
  • BEAKER 9cm h8cm €41,-
  • BOWL LARGE 20cmxh5cm €53,-
  • BOWL MEDIUM 16,5cmxh5cm €49,-
  • BOWL MINI 9,5cmxh3,5cm €29,-
  • SIDE BOWL LOW 13cmxh2,5cm €32,-
  • TEA BOWL  11cmxh4,5cm €35,-
  • SALAD BOWL 23cm x h15cm €126,-