ALiCE . tapas . appetizer sets

ALiCE . tapas . appetizer sets

removable tapas / appetizer sets with center part made from oiled walnut wood. plates are hand crafted from dyed limoges porcelain and are unglazed on the outside, all surfaces are glazed transparent. plates - excluding the wooden parts - are dishwasher safe


the ALiCE collection is available in 8 elegantly paired shades that may be combined with each other in a flexible way.


each plate color may be chosen separately! each tapas set consists of a tray with wooden element + 5 dishes (low or high)

measurements and price

(incl. 20% VAT)

  • e3.TAPAS SET incl. 5 dishes  €280.–
  • e3.TAPAS TRAY (with wooden handle)  €150.–
  • e4.TAPAS DISHES HIGH 80x50mm  €28.–
  • e5.TAPAS DISHES LOW 105x30mm  €28.–

download: ALiCE tea & dining PREISLISTE - PDF

photos: robert marksteiner