each feinedinge* product is cast into plaster mold, retouched and afterwards fired in its crude form, polished and after glazing fired a second time at approx. 1255C.

decorations are applied to the objects by transfer printing and burnt at the third firing at 800C.

most of our products are dishwasher safe. decorations with platin or gold elements or luester decorations are not recommended for dishwashers due to their materials.

surfaces are also formed by haptics and delicate structures or polishing of the porcelain's exterior - or sometimes elaborately perforated by hand, as for example the glowing objects "moonstruck".

the material procelain is thus being rendered touchable and tangible.

each artisan piece is 100% handmade in vienna with every attention to detail and can be distinguished from common industrial products by its deliberate, slight irregularities in form, color and decor - as such, each object receives its own distinct, individual character.